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See my only problem is I don’t know if I’m going to be able to focus ‘cause you’re so good looking. 

Sep 25th, @ 2:03am

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In the new footage, Levine and Shelton’s bromance is hotter than ever (there’s even a smooch!), Shelton’s ego is bigger than ever and the talent is better than ever!

"The original coaches, the bromance, the talent, it’s all back," the trailer teases…and proves by showing off all three! "You’re gorgeous, man," Levine says to Shelton, who plants a kiss on his BFF in return. It’s good to know the spark is still alive five cycles in!

The media shipping shevine one article a time (x)

Sep 5th, @ 11:21pm

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why do you hate christina? i'm just curious. i think she gets unwaranted hate from people and i can't pinpoint why. adam said he hated this country on national tv and blake had tweeted that that's why we need our weapons after the sandy hook incident. but it's ironic how they can easily can get away with things. i just don't get it.

I don’t hate Christina, I just don’t really like her. Believe me, Ireally really really try to ok. 

and also yeah I did think about that and how maybe because I’m a girl, I put Adam and Blake on a pedestal and just dislike the girl on the team or something. But that was disproved when Shakira came along, so….

Jul 16th, @ 12:12pm

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I really hope Christina and Adam sit next to each other on The Voice season 5, do you?

actually no. not really at all

Jul 10th, @ 3:01pm

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thank you for existing

Jun 21st, @ 11:17pm

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People who didn’t get that Blake’s definitions were a joke

Jun 21st, @ 11:15pm

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what's your theme?

:) (theme 1)

Jun 21st, @ 1:08pm

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omg so I just found your blog even though the season is over and I love it and just liked a kajillion things from forever ago sorry

hey what are you sorry for omg that’s brilliant ok thank you so much :D

Jun 21st, @ 1:07pm

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I loved Judith! I hate how so many said she had experience. She only had rehearsals and sang at the memorial. She didn't actually have a record deal unlike others because she didn't want to milk Micheal Jackson's fame. It annoyed me when people said that's what she was doing. I would have loved if these people won: Judith, Sasha, Sarah, Amber, Michelle. BTW I'm not sure about Blake, but I heard that Adam either quits for good or stays. I also heard that Adam is leaving after season 6.

ooooh same choices for me (except for one) anon hahahaha

hmm I’d like to believe just the break thing so I can exist happily lol

Jun 20th, @ 11:44am

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At last anon: I read in a few articles that said that Adam and Blake will be taking a season off after season 6 to focus on their music. If you don't believe me, search it up yourself. But I know what I read. :D


Jun 20th, @ 3:27am

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No. Adam and Blake never said anything about taking a break. They're just only confirmed for season 5 and 6. Also Blake mentioned a couple of times how if Adam quits, he's quitting as well. They won't take just a 'break', it would be final.

:o holy crap. But like - better take just a season’s break than quit altogether omg

Jun 20th, @ 3:11am

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